Pacific Gas & Energy

The Zero Net Energy (ZNE) home model built for PG&E’s energy-training facility and features interactive tools that help educate consumers on how to reduce their environmental footprint.

I directed both the iPad and the large touchscreen experiences for the PG&E Smart Home. I worked programmers to develop a turnkey solution including a CMS where clients could easily update content. We rendered 360 degree views of the home where guests could interact by using the iPad’s gyroscope and learn more about the smart home.

I evolved the idea for the touchscreen interactive to include a data visualization and storyline of how a zero net energy home balances consumption and generation to produce net zero output by developing a 3D prototype using Houdini.  

Roles: Creative Director, Data Visualization Artist

Studio: Leviathan

Full credits below

LVTHN _LUCI_Touching_Screen_V2.jpg